Extreme weather Displaces Camp

Unexpected 43 km winds on October 10 blew many of our camp structures down, breaking much of our structures and even sending some of our tents into the river.

We are still here. Despite the wind storm blowing down our structures, the river drastically rising and displacing our camp, and the ongoing harassment from colonial forces such as the Fire Department and the RCMP we remain along the Secwepemcetkwe fighting for clean water. We will not be removed so easily.

But we need your support. We’ve lost a number of our shelters and we are in need of heavy duty supplies which can withstand the elements. Heavy canvas tents are expensive but needed shelter as we remain in this industrial area along the Thompson River. Adjacent to Domtar Pulp Mill, the city dump, and the TMX drilling platform it’s important we have space where we can keep our food and cooking supplies away from the harm of industry. We are also surrounded by the natural world. Animal calls and footprints show us that we are not alone.

We need spaces where our youth and elders can stay warm and protected and where we can host activities. Please support by donating to our GoFundMe, or if you have access to a large canvas tent or other semi-permanent structures, please reach out to us at SecwepemcFire@gmail.com

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