About us

We are the Secwepemc Nation

We are Secwepemc People living on our unceded territory. Our presence at Sqeq-petsin is authorized by Secwepemc Hereditary leadership and the Elders Council of the Secwepemc People. Our Nation is large and we Indigenous people are not a monolith. We do not represent all Secwepemc people we represent our traditional hereditary leadership and governance. We are not the Tiny House Warriors. We believe in a diversity of tactics and our occupation of Sqeq-petsin is part of a broad movement to defend clean water, wild salmon, and natural law.
Led by Secwepemc people, our movement is supported by people of all backgrounds; Indigenous and non-Indigenous. Our legends tell us that to defeat the monster we need everyone. We welcome anyone who is willing to be self sufficient and can contribute to our occupation of the land to Stop the Trans Mountain Pipeline.